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Drone Safety - Don't launch by hand!

Drone safety is SUPER IMPORTANT. They are tiny little devices and might seem harmless, but those propellors are spinning extremely fast making them very dangerous. It's pretty popular to launch and land your drone by hand, but this is an extreme risk to your hands and the rest of your body.

In this video I explain how taking off my drone too closeby ended up causing a few nasty cuts in my hand. Fortunately they were not severe, but it might as well have been my neck or face that got hit instead which would have been much worse.

Do yourself a favor and buy a small fabric launchpad so that you can take off from any terrain. If you don't have a proper launchpad, at least place your drone on the ground at least 10-20 feet away from you and take off from there. Make sure nobody else is nearby for safety, and obviously make sure no other obstacles are near or above your drone (electric wires, tree branches, etc).


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