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Photo Fun - Philadelphia PA City Hall

I wanted to revisit this photo walk I did back in February of this year, right around City Hall in Philadelphia after a nice snowfall. Philly is a beautiful place to take photos at any time of year, day or night, especially in the City Hall area!

The challenge I gave myself in this video was to act as if I was limited to a single roll of film, with 36 images. Although I was using my Sony digital camera, I did not allow myself to click more than 36 shots. This limitation really forces you to focus on getting a great frame and not waste any important moments. I also used an old Minolta film lens with only manual focus and aperture, really making me work to get the correct focus and exposure on each shot!

Even though it was a cold hazy night, I was able to find some scenes that looked great in the glowing orange street lights and the enormous architecture.

Below are some of the photos I took this night, a few of them NOT shown in the video! Check out the video and give my YouTube channel a subscribe for more fun photography content like this 😁


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