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Wedding Photo Packages - What Should be Included?

I really aim to keep my wedding packages simple and straightforward, giving you exactly what is needed to have a full experience! Read below for all of the important features I include in my wedding packages.


First, I am happy to include 12 hours of coverage or more if needed. Every moment of your wedding day is incredibly important, so I don’t mind arriving early to capture getting-ready candid moments, all the way to the last song of the reception. For many weddings, 9-10 hours is plenty of time to get a lot of coverage from start to finish, but other wedding days have more locations and events spread out more, so 12+ hours might be necessary. I always have a super fun time at weddings myself, so I'm always happy to stay as long as needed!


Next, for a few reasons I always include a 2nd shooter for full day weddings. Having a 2nd shooter allows for much more coverage of small moments and different angles throughout the entire day, and my 2nd shooter can split up to different locations or with different groups when needed (especially if the bride and groom are getting ready at totally different locations).

Below: Some of my favorite 2nd Shooters: Daoud Moon, Steph Batista, and Alyssa Abrom


I think that engagement shoots are super important to your overall wedding experience. For one, it gives you a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and get to meet me in a fun casual way before your wedding. I promise that during the engagement shoot you’ll learn a lot of poses and prompts that we’ll do again on the wedding day! And I like keeping things fairly casual and simple so that we get a chance to talk and know each other, that way I’m not a total stranger pointing a camera in your face for the first time at your wedding. Couples usually end up using their engagement photos on their Save the Dates, and some even use them for prints at the wedding or guest books in creative ways.


For delivery of photos, you’ll receive a link that goes to all of your engagement and wedding photos where you can very easily download individual images, or everything all at once. A typical wedding from 9-12 hours should result in around 500-700 final edited images, but I will definitely include more if I have a lot of extra great moments captured! Downloads of your digital edits are included free, and prints are priced very affordably! Ultimately you can print your images on your own wherever you’d like, but the professional printing lab that I use has incredibly good image quality, and you support my business when buying from me which is much appreciated. You can send your gallery link to any family and friends for them to view and download from as well, which makes it super easy for a relative or friend to find their photos by themselves, taking a lot of work off of you to send pictures to people!

Below: Example of a real wedding gallery page


Finally, I love to provide assistance putting together a timeline for the day. After doing weddings for almost 5 years, I’ve definitely learned how much time is needed for certain moments of the day, especially for family formals which most people don’t have a lot of fun waiting around for. I like to let my couples enjoy their day as authentically as possible, so we don’t need hours out of the day to setup a whole production of a photoshoot. You can enjoy your day which I capture candid moments and add direction where needed.

I hope this answered a lot of your potential questions when it comes to my wedding packages, but I always love to get on a consultation call with any engaged couples to talk about more details and specific needs for your day! Head over to my contact page to send an inquiry, and I’ll be happy to setup a call with you soon!


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