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Batsto Village Engagement Shoot - Liz and Mike (Hammonton, NJ 2022)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE DOGS AT PHOTOSHOOTS! As long as your pupper enjoys some good outdoor time (and won't run off to chase any squirrels or geese) it is guaranteed to improve the overall engagement session. Earlier this months I met with Liz and Mike for their engagement shoot, and their dog Blue was such a gentleman and gave us no problems at all.

Blue was polite enough to sit on the side while his mom and dad took photos together, happy enough with the bowl of water he was given. Batsto Village is such a beautiful location to do engagement shoots, with so much variety in the different areas. The old historic village itself is well maintained by the groundskeepers and looks good year-round with the amount of pine trees up and down the main path.

We walked up towards the lakeside through a path in the tall grass, very careful to watch for ticks and chiggers! There is a fallen tree that is a great opportunity for some sweet photos walking on the trunk while holding hands.

Next we walked closer to the grass and put on some romantic dancing music, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer (great suggestion by the couple)! Giving the couple this intimate alone time really adds to the experience of the photoshoot, making it more than just forced poses and "say cheese" types of smiles. I always want an engagement session to be a major memory in the whole wedding process for every couple, and having a dance really helps them bond and feel more comfortable.

There's no such thing as too much dancing, so after we walked over to another section of the village it was time for another dance! Liz and Mike seem to be big fans of John Mayer, because this time they suggested 'Gravity' which is a song I love as well.

Finally we walked up to the famous Mansion and blue-doored building, having a bit of fun by sitting and running through the grass! Walking back to our cars, the sunset over the lake was stunning and made me want to capture some beautiful silhouette-style images. Liz and Mike had such a great energy together and are exactly the type of couple I aim to work with!

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These photographs are absolutely beautiful! What a fantastic job you have done capturing so many emotions and the scenery is so breathtaking. You are such a talented photographer and can see you enjoy what you do by all the happiness in your subjects. They seem extremely comfortable and natural with you behind the camera which makes for the perfect photographs.

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