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Capturing My Hometown During Snow With a Drone - Medford/Mount Laurel New Jersey

Photographers, you all know how it feels when you see snow on the forecast...SO EXCITING!! Especially if you live in an area that does not get much snowfall each year (like New Jersey), any single day of snow can be the one opportunity you get to capture those beautiful unique snowy scenes.

I have learned that I especially love capturing the snowy landscapes from up above, with my DJI Mavic Air 2 drone. Using a drone allows you to get angles and perspectives that would be nearly impossible otherwise.

Medford NJ is where I grew up and is such a gorgeous woodsy town, only 1 hour in between Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore. There are large open fields, tall pine trees, and an adorable Main Street area that we all love. There are obviously also plenty of big hills to go sledding on, something you can see that many people were excited to partake in!

When snow comes to your town next, don't miss the chance to WOW people with your incredible drone videos and photos, or if you don't have a drone then honestly any photo or video from your cell phone will be enough to share the beauty of the snow.


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