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New Year's Eve Wedding! - Rachel & Jay, The Lucy, Philadelphia PA

Rachel and Jay picked one of the most fun days for their wedding, New Year's! Normally receptions end around 10-11pm, but we had a super exciting night that lasted until almost 2am.

I started by meeting Rachel at her hotel room where some of the closest family was getting ready. Right from the beginning we were having a good time and laughing!

Next was time for the first look; we planned on doing this at the famous Art Museum but holiday traffic held us up and we decided to meet right at The Lucy which has a beautiful simple entrance. Jay looked awesome in his blue suit, but I have to say that Rachel's furry shawl was the fanciest part of anybody's outfit. From the first look the couple went to the bar to grab a drink, and then we did our family formal photos.

The Lucy has an incredible staircase and modern chandelier right next to huge windows that overlook Broad Street, allowing for some really magical photos of just the couple together.

Without delay, we moved right into having the ceremony! The main ballroom has so many warm lights around the room, from the large chandeliers overhead to the intimate candles lining the ceremony walkway.

Rachel and Jay decided to do a private cake cutting during cocktail hour, making it more intimate and allowing them to focus on having a fun time for themselves. It was a really beautiful cake though!

I know you guys are probably just here to look at some cool photos at this point, so I will cut to the chase and just show a ton of the best fun images from the reception! This wedding being on New Year's created such a fun atmosphere, I think it really shows in the dances and energy of everyone who attended.

To finish off the night, we took Rachel and Jay outside onto Broad Street to get some magical photos. City Hall was in the background, glowing through a light amount of fog. Their gorgeous classic car was parked right in the center of the street for an extra touch of fanciness!

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You did it again!! What stunning photographs. You really captured every emotion o their wedding day and looks like so much fun!

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