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Bradford Estate (Venue Spotlight) - Beautiful Outdoor Gazebo

I was fortunate enough to capture one of the last weddings at the Bradford Estate before the Covid lockdown began in 2020, and it was a wonderful time even being in early March! One of my favorite parts of the venue is the white gazebo which sits just outside the bridal suite's window.

The tall trees behind the gazebo offer a gorgeous background if taking photos of the couple inside of it, whether standing or sitting. I was lucky enough to have Julia & Joe at the gazebo during golden hour, which created a stunning glow on every tree behind them.

The outside of the Estate itself is another wonderful view, with large decorative windows and lanterns along the entire wall of the building. This lets you have a very intimate First Look outdoors, and then have very quick access to the gazebo just a few feet away.

Best of all, the gazebo is lined on nearly every square foot with crystal clear string lights that allow you to capture beautiful moments of the couple alone...without even needing a flash! I personally felt that the string lights offered a great ambiance and natural lighting, and I did not want to spoil the emotions with any extra setup taking up time. We were able to have a few minutes taking full advantage of the stunning gazebo, and then run right back in for a night full of fun with family and friends!

Thank you again to the Bradford Estate for providing such an elegant and professional space for couples to host their most important day! Give them a tour to check out 2022/2023 availability at 1910 Marne Hwy

Hainesport, NJ 08036, phone 609-261-8778. I would be happy to discuss the photography of your wedding day if you plan on hosting at the Bradford Estate or any other wonderful venue in Southern New Jersey!


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