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Jordyn & Chris Wedding Blog - June 15th 2019, Philadelphia PA

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

When chosing a location for your wedding, sometimes it can be best to choose something that is close to home and that you are familiar with. This makes it easy to travel, and easy for you to know what your experience will be like. Jordyn and Chris chose the Valley Green Inn located on the Wissahickon River in Philadelphia, PA. The Inn is tucked away in an incredibly beautiful, foresty area of Philadelphia where many locals enjoy hiking, biking, or just simple outdoors time. Jordyn and Chris know the area well since they live in a nearby town and can often be found hiking along the river.

Another important factor of choosing a venue is the amount of space. The Valley Green Inn has a secluded area between the river and the Inn itself. In this area, guests have plenty of space to enjoy their dinner, and the Happy Couple has room to feel special during their important dances.

The Valley Green Inn also focuses on organizing the details of your wedding day. From the cake, custom decorations, and even to having a special S'mores Campfire for guests to enjoy, everything is covered to ensure a good time.

Check out the Valley Green Inn to enjoy your special day here! Get in touch with me, Chris Bray, to have beautiful photos taken for your wedding.


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