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Kasia & Kris - Sunset Engagement Session in Philadelphia PA

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Kasia & Krys met me for their engagement photos in Old City, an area of Philadelphia popular for its historic 18th century buildings and style. Many homes in Old City have been around prior to the Revolutionary War, making the area a perfect location for simple, classic looking photos.

We enjoyed walking around Old City, finding several nice spots to do our photos while the summer sun set behind the rooftops in the west. Fortunately we were able to catch enough of a warm glow to give our photos that special magical feeling.

Since Old City is located within walking distance of the Delaware River, we decided to stroll down to Race Street Pier to get some final photos by the Philadelphia waterfront. On our walk to the pier, an incredibly kind gentleman let Kasia and Krys hold his tiny dog! Sometimes the most wonderful surprises happen during your photoshoots.

When we arrived at the pier, there were many other families, friends, and individuals enjoying their evening with the nice weather, but we still had plenty of space to do our photos happily. We were fortunate enough to catch the perfect time of sunset when the horizon turns pink and the sky fades to a soft dark blue, and some orange sunlight could still find its way to the couple’s smiling faces.

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